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In 1919, 604 N Main was evidently a dwelling. It’s listed in the city guide as being occupied by S Lee Hall, with a designation of R. I believe that stood for Renter, there was also an O used which I believe stood for Owner.

Golden Rule Grocery robbed, 1927

In the 1925 guide, there was a Golden Rule Grocery listed there. My News-Record access goes back to 1927. This article about the Golden Rule robbery was from October 3, 1927.

Young J.W. Nott hit by a car and injured, September 4, 1927

The first mention of Nott’s Grocery I have located was in a newspaper report dated September 4, 1927, about a 17-month-old J.W. Nott being hit by a car in front of 310 S Main, the location of a home AND a store owned by J.B. Nott. The 1925 city guide shows that address was a residence only for John Nott, his occupation listed as “dray.” There are no Notts in the 1919 city guide.

The Golden Rule wasn’t mentioned in the paper after 1927, except for a disputed tax in 1928 which often happened after a business closed.

In January, 1928, a two-room apartment was listed for rent at 301 S Main in the name of Nott Grocery.

April 5, 1929, first mention of Nott’s Grocery at 604 S Main

On April 5, 1929, the first printed ad appeared in the paper giving Nott’s Grocery an address of 604 S Main.

Nott’s 41st year in a 1967 ad

Then, sealing the deal, I found a mention of Nott’s celebrating their 41st year in a 1967 ad.

So there you have it. Nott’s Grocery was founded in 1926, at 310 S Main. When the Golden Rule Grocery closed, they moved three blocks south to 604.

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