1918 Graduation, Miami High School

Miami Social Activities

Cover from the 1918 MHS graduation program

In 1918, there was a war on. The US had joined in on The Great war in 1917, and belts were tightened. Thus, there’s no annual or class picture of the 1918 graduating class.

Page 1, 1918 MHS graduation program

Miami High School, 1917. Thanks to Fredas Cook for the image

The 1917 high school is depicted above, from the Miami Record-Herald.

Page 2, MHS graduation program, 1918

Page 3, MHS graduation program, 1918

Page 4, MHS Graduation program, 1918

There are many familiar names here in the Miami business community. Sons and daughters of manufacturers, barbers, mining magnates, miners, and merchants. Many of these would go on to become familiar Miami names themselves.

Notes on 1918 MHS graduation festivities the day prior to actual graduation

The 1918 seniors went out into a world that would see a 1920’s boom, a 1929 depression, and a 1941 entry into a world conflict. They would see the mining industry play itself out, they would help Miami reinvent itself as a manufacturing center, and they would set their descendants on a course of helping Miami adopt to even more challenging situations in the future. The Miami spirit is indomitable.

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