Smoky and Mary and the KGLC Barn Dance

Interesting Local Characters

Miami has spawned many musical legends. In the 30’s and 40’s, a couple known as Smoky and Mary achieved a modest amount of fame as gospel/hillbilly singers. They were highly renowned in their home town.

Bio for Smoky and Mary from the Miami News-Record, 1948

Brand-new radio station KGLC sponsored “barn dances” on Saturday nights beginning in 1948. At first held at the Hotel Miami-located station, they were later held at the Coleman, a thirty-minute live music show between movies.

KGLC radio song album for Smoky and Mary, 1948

Albert E. Brumley testimonial to Smoky and Mary. 1948. Thanks to Connie Benedict for the images.

Gospel giant Alfred E. Brumley gave them his endorsement, that was something.

While their radio career spanned over fifteen years, Smoky and Mary’s barn dances abruptly stopped in 1949. There was no mention of this popular act in the paper after that year.

They had a child, maybe they just decided to retire from show business to raise their family. It is a tough way to make a living with kids. But one thing’s for sure: a Google search turned up absolutely zilch concerning this singing couple. At least now, we have their bio from the News-Record on record for people to find.

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